Can You Imagine if They Did This To Obama?

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L. A. Marzulli
This poster was put up in Time Square, New York City. Can you imagine if instead of Donald J. Trump—our ELECTED president—it was Obama who was hogtied? What about if the picture depicted Hillary?
As I wrote several weeks ago, America is in the midst of a cold-Civil-War. Recently Rand Paul was told by someone who disagreed with his politics to “Maybe order take out,”and “Don’t give me that Republican Bull-S.”
The incident, as well as the billboard, shows us just where we are. Essentially if you voted for Trump you’re an idiot, a bigot, a racist, a homophobe and you deserve to be silenced as all you spout is B.S.
We are at an impasse in this country. Meanwhile, Pencil-Neck continues what is, in my opinion, nothing less than a kangaroo court that borderlines on the trials conducted in banana republics or worse yet, something out of the notorious Nazi jurisprudence during Hitler’s reign of terror. The American people see through the charade that is Schifty’s call for impeachment.
Meanwhile in the Great White North. A friend of mine texted me this…
The hits keep coming… 
the western provinces Alberta ( the province I live in) and Saskatchewan are predominantly Christian conservatives, there are many people here calling for separation from the rest of Canada after the federal vote yesterday that saw Trudeau re-elected.
In closing today’s post.
Common Civility is all but gone. What fuels the discord and impasse are what we see daily from the main-stream media…an endless assault on Trump, Christians, and conservative values. Can you imagine if it was Obama’s image instead of Trump who was depicted hogtied?
The left have nothing to offer except a bigger government, higher taxes, abortion on demand, endless regulation, open borders and as Bernie Sanders warned, “to remake America into something different than what it is now.
As for me and my house, I’ll stay with Trump’s Make America Great Again rather than Bernies socialistic utopia. Hogtied indeed…


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