Where Are the Republicans?

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Commentary and Analysis


L. A. Marzulli


Where are the Republicans and why aren’t they standing behind our president?  Why aren’t they collectively saying enough of the ongoing witch hunt that was the Bob Mueller Show for over two years?
So let’s walk through it.
Mueller knew there was no collusion but when did he know it? Can you imagine if he had stated there was no Russian collusion BEFORE the mid-term elections? The Republicans would have kept the house. Can you imagine if Paul Ryan had actually been for The Donald and told members of the house who were stepping down not to? Can you imagine? We would have kept the house and all of this nonsensical call for impeachment wouldn’t be happening.
Why is it that most of our media do nothing but call for impeachment? Why is it that only FOX News supports our president and actually not all of the commentators and reports at FOX are for Trump.
Why is it that we allow idiots like Sadiq Kahn to dominate the airwaves by dissing our president as well as many Americans who like me want America first and not a horde of illegals streaming across our border? Of course, Kahn calls us right-wing nationalists as if there’s something wrong with wanting the best for our country.
Where is Mitch McConnell? Silent and hiding under his desk? Why hasn’t he rallied the Senate and said ENOUGH! We hasn’t Mitch stood up?
I applaud representative Nunes for continually going after the bogus Steele Dossier, which is the basis for the Russian investigation and the abuse of the FISA courts. He’s a bulldog and we need more like him and Rep. Jordan.
If we let all this slide, which, by the way, would have happened if ‘Hellery’  had won the election, then it’s over for our country and the rule of law.
The Republicans should coalesce and demand the calls for impeachment—there are ZERO grounds for it—stop! They should push back and defend our president. Where are they…?



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