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Backers ‘failed to follow through’ in abortive uprising, Guaido tells AFP

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
Venezuela is still in economic in free-fall. We should pay close attention as the revolution seems to have petered out… at least for now. This assessment of the current situation in Venezuela is insightful and gives us a deeper look into understanding the complexity of the situation.
I still believe that socialism will never work, however as ‘Osprey’ states when people get “free stuff” they will become loyal to whoever is giving them the free stuff. Remember the video from the 2010 election and the Obama-Phone-Lady?
Obama gave me a cell phone? This the mentality, or lack of it, which helped Obama get another term, free stuff.
There you have it. Just like the Romans, bread and circus. Nothing changes and Maduro did his little dance knowing that he clings to power… at least for now.

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I was assigned to do a brief on the situation. So, I asked the people who really know and have deeper insight. 
 America expected a revolution, yet nothing happened. The crowds were in Caraccas, the capital and rarely anywhere else. They dissolved as fast as they formed.
 The country is run like many of the Latin American countries by a strongman and the Army. In this case, Chavez used the energy money to provide a deep probe of socialism into the Mestizo population. He provided free medical care, dental care, vision care, and a living stipend. All of this contrary to US capitalism (well noted by US diplomats in DC) and their perspective on government providing these services to the general population……..anywhere. Chavez relied upon Cuban national medical resources to provide the care.
 Chavez did indeed bankrupt the country with his hair-brained social and economic policies.  But he was native Indian descent. One of the people as the saying goes. He cared little for the social elite of the capital and their politics. And they intern cared less for him. He embarrassed them. He courted the Russians economically and was a Che revolutionary at heart.  His successor Maduro is not quite so native, but clearly understands the dynamics. 
 Compare this to the American choice, a flashy young capitalist from the social elite of Caracas. But with absolutely no affection for the native Indian population or their support. And it appears they have none for him.  So, no revolution. In fact, they could not care less. The people in the capital never did anything for them. Chavez was the first to put them first, flawed as he was. You cannot rule the country from the capital and have that as your primary base of support. Only support.  Russia understands this, and a great deal more than we give them credit for. At the upper end of the all-important military, there is strong for Maduro. And he has returned the favor by providing them with the necessities of life when others go without. American attempts to challenge this support has fallen on deaf ears. On the bottom end, the rank and file soldiers are native sons like Chavez. They recall he was one of them. They tend to be poor and uneducated, but well-armed and reasonably trained.
 Now US policymakers, turn that abound. CIA is most frustrated.  Monroe Doctrine be damned.
 Americans never get it. We think everyone is like us and wants to be. 


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