Prayer and Financial Needs…

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Audrey is in Hospital and is need of our prayers…


Hi LA,
I know this is something that you don’t normally do. My name is Jeff Dagher and my wife is Sharon, you did a UFO interview with me a year ago and I really enjoyed talking with you. We have been following you ever since you first appeared on Prophesy in the News with Gary.
The reason I am writing to you is we need help and we’re hoping you could put the word out to all the people who follow you. I will try to make this as brief as possible, so here goes. My wife and I are both disabled and only have disability insurance to see us through. My wife Sharon has had over 40 back operations and procedures in the last 25 years, but in this past couple of years, it has been extremely rough not only for her but for me too. In 2010 our oldest daughter who was only 27 passed away from an accidental overdose.
She was in a bad marriage and when she passed that was the last time we had contact with our grandson. To lose a child is, well words can’t even describe what a parent feels unless they have been through it, but to also lose your first grandchild on top of it is crushing.  Then in 2017, Sharon went to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida to have a stomach bypass in order to lose some weight for major spine surgery to repair broken hardware in her back. She had a long time hernia they thought they would repair also, this is where everything went downhill. The stomach surgery went well, six weeks later they went in to repair the hernia and installed mesh, hours after the surgery Sharon was complaining that it felt like glass was under her skin and ripping her apart. They ran tests and MRI’s only to find out the mesh had detached from its location broke apart and attached itself to her colon, liver, and gallbladder. Needless to say they had to go back in and remove all the mesh and detach it from these vital organs. Just before the surgery they took another MRI and the technitains found a cancerous mass on her left ovary, they also found that her gal-bladder had mysteriously enlarged to 7 times its normal size. So priorities changed they went in removed as much mesh as they could find and had to remove her gal-bladder too. While she was recovering the next day, we received a call that her mother had slipped and fallen in the nursing home she resided at in Colorado. Sharon was not allowed to leave and go see her since she just came out of surgery and unfortunately her mother succumb to her injuries a few days later. Sharon was not even allowed to attend her mothers funeral as they were too worried she could develop a blood clot. Eight weeks later Sharon had to go back and Have a full hysterectomy to remove the mass on her ovary. Sharon is now having major difficulties eating after all this and her health is deteriorating from malnutrition. They have also found out her liver is giving out. She has been diagnosed with non-alcoholic liver disease and she has been put on a transplant list. They are trying to find out why she is unable to eat without getting ill,  but right now her bones are deteriorating because she cant eat so her body is stealing nutrients from her bones and making them weak which in turn is hampering her back surgery. If her bones are not strong they will not hold the new hardware that needs to be installed. To add insult to injury our house that we have been renting for the past 11 years our landlord has decided to sell, so now we have to find somewhere else to live while Sharon is in this condition. Like I stated earlier we are both disabled. In 2010 my back finally gave out from all the years of abuse from construction. I have 3 disks in my neck that are ruptured, major spinal stenosis in the mid back, where the spinal canal is almost completely closed off and 4 disks in my lower back that are ruptured. My doctors will not operate saying there is just too much and are afraid they will just make things worse. We are very strong and faithful believers in Jesus but to be attacked on this many fronts tries even the strongest. I don’t ever ask for help but it’s gotten to the point where if I don’t ask we will be in a lot of trouble. We have accumulated such a massive amount of medical debt, medication and supplies for Sharon and my self are astronomical. So we are asking for help from anyone who is able. I have set up a Go Fund Me Page for Sharon and I am asking if you could ask all your followers if they could donate anything, anything at all to help us. Our goal is $ 50,000 that’s how much we are in debt at the moment. I am hoping you will put the word out for us and again I thank you,
Sincerely Jeff Dagher , P.S. here is the link for the Go Fund Me Page


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