Constitution or Sharia?

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The Constitution or Sharia?
Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli


Congress passed a “NO Hate” law but neglected to point out the obvious…the antisemitic remarks from Representative Omar. This is why Congress has an 18% approval rating. We need term limits, but I digress.
Our Constitution is the law of the land. It may be the greatest document ever written outside of the Bible. A case can be put forward that the constitution was the logical conclusion of the Protestant Reformation. Perhaps the most poignant line is that we are all created equal in the eyes of God and He bestows upon us certain inalienable rights, not the state or the government.
People who are elected to office are sworn to uphold the constitution. Here’s what I am wondering and I’m sure those on the left will call me an Islamaphobe or a racist!
However, has anyone actually asked representative Omar if she places Sharia law above our constitution? That’s the question that all the pundits have shied away from. This is paramount and we as a country, as a people, ¬†need to nail this down once and for all.
If Omar and other Muslims who are serving our country can’t put our constitution above Sharia law then we have a problem that will eventually lead to the collapse of the rule of law.
So far there is no Sharia anywhere in the USA that I’m aware of. However, Omar’s antisemitic jabs and this quote is deeply troubling to me.
“Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel”
We have one Constitution, one set of laws and I hope and pray that those serving in Congress who are Muslims do not have another agenda.

In Other News:

The Judge in the Manafort trial stated there was ZERO Russian Collusion!
Venezuela Continues to Spin out of Control. AOC should spend the weekend there!
The bogus FISA Docs are the essence of the entire with-hunt that is the Muller investigation.
Welcome to Londonistan.

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