Fukushima Update… or Where Is Al Gore When You Need Him?

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Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli

Climate change!

“We have only 12 years left on this planet if we don’t fix climate change!”

So while the likes of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez sound off about having only 12 years left on the planet if we don’t fix climate change, the real 800-pound-radioactive-gorilla is in the room and it’s… wait for it… FUKUSHIMA!

I’ve been harping about the fact that as of last year no one but no one knows what happened to the fuel rods in reactor 4. Have they melted through the reactor core and are heading to Nebraska at this very moment? No one knows…

All kidding aside. Take a few minutes and watch this video. It’s alarming. In my opinion, Fukushima is the worst disaster in the history of the world.

Al Gore and others of his ilk should be all over this but they’re not.  Instead, they’re telling us about our carbon footprint while they fly to Climate Change conferences in their private jets!

 The world should be pulling together to come up with a solution, but they’re not.

Our media should be covering this story but as usual, they’re rabidly focused on Trump’s Russian collusion.

Fukushima’s radiation is poisoning the planet. The bottom line for me?

This is yet another sign of the prophetic times in which we find ourselves. Earthquakes, volcanic activity, wars and rumors of wars and troublesome times seem to be the “new normal!” All of this was written down thousands of years ago to warn us of what we would see before the return of the KING! Even so, come Lord Jesus.

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