If Not Now When?

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Please ask New York state to overturn recent abortion expansion laws.

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli


When will the pastors in our country rise up and address the abortion issue from the pulpit? If not now when?
I want any of you who attend church today to email and let me know if you’re pastor discusses the recent abortion issue. If not why did your pastor not address it? Perhaps you should confront him?
Here’s my email: la@lamarzulli.net
The church is what stands in the way of utter chaos and the collapse of any semblance of “normalcy,” but unless it acts it is nothing more than a paper tiger.
 Think about it. Governor Cuomo called the passing of the abortion law in his state “progressive,” and pointed to his state as leading the rest of the country. God help us if that happens.
What if the pastors stood up and decried this evil law where an unborn child can be killed in their mother’s womb up until the day before it is born?
The passing of this law in New York is so heinous I wonder how people in the legislature could vote for something like it.
Take a good look at the picture above. Can anyone defend this? Hey Governor Cuomo, can you look at the picture and tell us with a straight face how progressive the killing of an unborn child is? I think not!
The pastors hold the key. There are over 400,000 pastors in our country. This is the untapped dynamo that could change everything if the pastors would only speak out.
The pastors have the ears of millions of people. The pastors could address the evil that is now permanently entrenched in our country. The pastors should rise up and perhaps show the picture I posted above to their congregants. Perhaps that would awaken the sleeping church.
If not now when?
Stand up and push back! Sign the petition!
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