Politics: The Most Dangeorus Woman in America and Other Rants

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Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

I find it incredible that someone like Ocasio-Cortez can be elected to any office in America in the first place. She’s a socialist and has stated openly that she favors the taxing of the “rich” up to 70%.
What she fails to see is that the “rich” will flee the country with their money, investments, and businesses. They will leave…period.
Why is Ocasio-Cortez so dangerous? Because she’s all over the media almost daily and has become the “darling” of the left-wing press.
Make no mistake about it socialism has never worked anywhere and will never work in America. Obummer applied his higher taxes and “everybody-is-going-to-have-to-give-a-little-more” policies of what was basic socialism and the country doubled its national debt, and the economy was sluggish at best. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2018-08-01/ranking-presidents-economic-records-by-gdp-growth
I am amazed and depressed that a freshman congresswoman has this kind of national press coverage.
Meanwhile, the Vatican posted a tweet that congratulated Cuba for 60 years of communism???!!! Seriously? They later took the tweet down.
How many people died under Castro’s repressive regime? How many people were tortured? How many people starved to death? How many people lost their livelihoods under the communist redistribution of wealth? Where is the media in reporting on this?
However, it would appear that Castro’s Grandson has benefitted from the regime as he’s jet-setting all over the globe and living the high life!
Wake up! This is how it always works. Socialists and Communists talk of equality and the good of the people. However, only those on top, the party  leaders get “the good life.” Has this “kid” worked a day in his life? Has he actually made anything, contributed anything? No?
Ocasio-Cortez’s idea of a Green New Deal would obliterate the United States as we now know it. Her concept of eliminating all fossil fuel—oil, by the way,  is a product of the earth itself not the remains of dinosaurs!—would impact every American in the most onerous of ways.
“The radical plan would force families to pay more to heat, cool and provide electricity to their homes. It would raise the same costs for businesses, farmers, government and organizations, driving up their operating costs – and raising the prices for just about all the good and services Americans buy.”
Ocasio-Cortez New Green Deal would, in my opinion, essentially bankrupt America!
Now onto the wall.
How many of you have NOT had someone go through rehab? When I ask this question at conferences about 10% of the people in the audience raise their hands. This means that upward of 90% of the people in the room have had someone addicted to drugs.
How do the drugs come into our country? Most of it comes through the porous southern border. End of story. Build the stinking wall and keep the DRUGS, the Drug Cartels, the Gang members who aid the cartels and ILLEGAL immigrants out!
Obama has a wall!


Paul Ryan who left the house in disgrace with 12% approval has a wall! Good riddance.


Hillary Clinton has a nice wall around her estate!
And finally, our fearless leader in the House Nancy Pelosi has a nice wall around her estate! Do as I say not as I do!


In closing today’s post. Is it time for Americans to think about civil disobedience? Why are over 300 million Americans slaves to a handful of globalists and elites who want to impose socialism on us? Why do we allow it? Government by the people? Really?
With all the political dissent and glaring differences in ideology will this lead to some sort of civil war? Will certain sections of the country renounce the union and vote in favor of secession?
I think that our country is in a very dangerous place. The vitriol and public evisceration of those who disagree with the progressive left’s socialist agenda, like Tucker Carlson and others, continues as anyone who disagrees with open borders is a racist. We are in a very precarious position. Let’s hope cool heads prevail…
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