When the People Rise Up…

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Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli


Macron, who is a globalist, tried putting a new gas tax on the people of France. He did this because of so-called Climate Change which is supposedly ruining our planet. Climate Change is the now the sacred mantra of the left and worn-out politicians who don’t have anything else to do, like Al Gore.
I wrote about this in The Cosmic Chess Match. I stated that “scientists” had thrown out data that suggested there was no effect from greenhouse gasses and created their own. This later became known as Climate-gate.
Guess what happened when Macron tried to tax the people of France? The people of France rose up. They rioted in the streets. They pushed back and Macron folded like a soggy carton of Captain Crunch!
The exact same thing can happen here in the USA and I predict it will. The American people will rise up and push back, we’ve had enough.
The Dems are eyeing the house with thoughts of impeachment dancing in their liberal heads and all because of the bogus Russian Collusion accusations against President Trump.
Not so fast Citizen! The American people are weary of the twisted witch-hunt that has been the Mueller investigation. There is no collusion, but guess what? It’s now come to light there was in fact collusion with the Russians but it was from the Obama administration, the DNC and the FBI!
If we the people stand together we can push back against the Deep State. We can make a difference. If the church would wake up and take a stand everything could change and change very quickly. Where are the Pastors?
France has taught us this lesson. When the people rise up we can take back the power. Take a stand!
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