DEMS Gain the House – Now What?

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Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli


So the Democrats took the house and the Republicans held the Senate. I can guarantee you that the Dems will go after our President and shiftless Schiff is already calling for further investigation into the supposed Russia Collusion.
Maxine Watters will most likely draw up articles of impeachment since that’s her favorite word in her vocabulary.
Nancy Pelosi will thwart anything Trump tries to do in the House. Remember her famous quote about Obummer’s health care. “We have to pass the bill before we can read the bill.”
So essentially the inmates are running the asylum.
In the meanwhile the American people will be the big losers as the weasels in Washington will continue with the Bogus witch-hunt under Mueller, try to repeal the tax cuts and push the globalist agenda.
Forget about the construction of the border wall, as the Dems will continue their open-border policy.
In my opinion part of the blame for the Republican’s loss in the House can be laid at the feet of out-going speaker Paul Ryan. He could have rallied for Trump. He could have started campaigning for the mid-terms the moment Trump was elected. He could have pushed back against the bogus Russian Collusion story. He could have held Maxine Waters accountable for her divisive comments. As acting speaker of the House Ryan abdicated his responsibilities. I would posit that it was deliberate.
My hope is that Q-anon is right and the sealed indictments will be opened and the American people will finally see the corruption that is like cancer in all branches of our government.


The Church has a morbid propensity toward ambivalence in regard to the UFO phenomenon. L. A. Marzulli

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