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Get the vote out!
The Democrats have nothing to offer us but higher taxes, bigger government, abortion on demand, open borders and ties with the deep state.
  • HRC and many Dems supported partial birth abortion.
  • Senate Committee found no evidence to support sex assault allegations against  Kavanaugh. SCAM ANYONE?
  • The Bogus FISA Warrant regarding the Steele Dossier which is the basis for Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s collusion with the Russians was paid for by the DNC and HRC Campaign funds.
  • Chicago has been under Democratic control for years and now has the dubious distinction of being the murder capital of the USA. Chicago has gun control!
  • The media is bias and in essence is the 5th column of the Democratic party. Fake news is the appropriate label for the corrupt and left-leaning “enemy of the people.”
  • Obama’s fiscal policies almost bankrupted the country. All of us who gave “just a little bit more,” and struggled under the Obama years are now recovering with Trump’s tax cuts.
  • The Antifa movement are the real fascists who shut down conservative speech.
  • YOUTUBE and other social media are silencing conservative thought and speech. If the DEMS gain power there will be no stopping the thought police!
  • The Dems are calling for a revision of the Constitution because they don’t like the Electoral college.
  • Dems will keep the open border policy that has cost our country billions of dollars.
  • MAGA and the concept of Nationalism and American’s first are in direct opposition to the globalist agenda. These are “dirty” words to the MSM and the Dems.
  • Obama made fun of Trump calling out Hillary’s Emails and pointing to what many of see as a total breach of National security. How does she get away with destroying 30,000 emails? Double standard anyone?
  • There are thousands of homeless vets. How about we take care of them first. Keep the caravan south of the border. Build the wall.
I could go on but I think you get the point. If we don’t get out and vote the Dems will gain the House and they will go after our President with articles of impeachment.
Trump has packed out venues wherever he speaks. Millions of Americans voted for him. He put’s us first and lowered our taxes, did away with Obama’s regulations and restrictions, built up our military, called for the badly needed wall on our southern border, is tough on trade, stands up to the Mullah’s in Iran and stopped Rocket-man!
Obama’s rallies have only a few thousand people with many empty seats. Obama had 8 years in office and all he accomplished was to double the national debt, create division, regulate and restrict business, allow a power vacuum in the middle east which led to the creation of ISIS to name a few of his “accomplishments.” I wish he would go away and stop lecturing us on how fearful we are.

Make America Great Again! Get out and VOTE!

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