The Pipe Bomb Blame Game

Crudely made package bombs will provide treasure trove of evidence that will be used to catch culprit:

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

When Republicans gathered for a softball game and a lone-nut-case opened fire the media covered it but not like they’re covering the latest pipe bombing fiasco and true to their colors are laying the blame at the feet of our President, Donald Trump.
Of course for the MSM and the DEMS, in general, it’s perfectly acceptable for HRC to tell us that there will be no civility until the DEMS take back the house and senate.
Maxine Waters has called for people to get in the faces of Republicans everywhere.
Eric Holder has called for what appears to be physical violence as well.
All the MSM can do is nag at Republicans at packed out Trump rallies who cry to lock Hillary up. They use this as an excuse to pin the pipe bombing packages at the feet of The Donald.
Wonder why these misguided people at the rallies are calling for Hillary’s imprisonment. Surely they have been misinformed about her 30,000 deleted emails, the uranium one deal, the Iran deal and last but not least  Ben Ghazi.
As of this post, we have no idea who sent these pipe bombs out. We don’t know the motive. We don’t whether it’s ISIS or some other terrorist group. We don’t know whether it’s a nut-case Democrat trying to put blame on the Republicans and swing the mid-terms.
We don’t know.
The vitriol has gone through the roof and whoever sent these devices should be locked up.
I’m headed to Atlanta for the conference.
Hope to see you there.

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