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Chapter 6.
Revisiting the implant phenomenon and what that means. The Mark of the Beast and the Implant Phenomena
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I remember the first time I heard about the implant phenomenon. I was doing research for the Nephilim trilogy so this is back in the late 1990’s. 
My first novel, Nephilim – The Truth is Here, was originally published by Zondervan and made the CBA best-seller’s list in 2000. Around the same time Barry Chamish released his book on the Nephilim. 
It was brought to my attention that Barry would be speaking in Southern California so I made a point of seeing him.
I drove to a MUFON meeting and listened to Barry’s lecture. Afterward I introduced myself and gave him a copy of my book. I’ll never forget the look on his face when he read the title as both of our books had NEPHILIM in the title.  We conversed for a while and talked “shop.” 
It was on this occasion that I would meet Dr. Roger Lier. I was introduced to him and we immediately began to discuss all things UFOs.
I had read about his research on so-called Alien Implants on line—in those days it took half an hour to down load a jpg!—and I was fascinated with it. I asked him about his work and specifically about the implants. We also realized that we lived close to each other Roger living in Thousand Oaks which is just over the hill from my undisclosed location deep in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains. Here’s a reenactment of our conversation.
L. A.: I understand you just took out an implant. I would love to see the implant.
Roger reached into his pocket and pulled out a clear plastic vile.
Roger: You mean this?
L. A.: That’s it?
Roger: Hold out your hand.
Roger then pulled the cap off the plastic vile and then carefully let the small round metallic object spill out and into my hand.
I was amazed as I was holding in my hand an object that may have originated from the domain of the Fallen Angels. I held the object close to my eyes and examined it. Fallen Angel technology/Nephilim Architecture I thought. This would be a term I would later coin and use in my books, DVDs and lectures.
We then discussed the implant phenomenon in general. Years later Roger told me about one of the most astonishing accounts he had come across. There was a woman who had an implant in her arm and when Dr Lier’s team went to remove it it literally moved upward from her lower arm to her upper arm and everyone in the room could clearly see it move under the skin.
Roger and the surgeon he worked with Dr. Matricianni removed 17 implants. Roger related that sometimes the implants would move when they would try to extract them.
Richard Shaw and I became deeply involved with Roger’s research and he is prominently featured in all of our Watchers films.
When I first began to speak at conferences there were other researchers who scoffed at the idea of implants. They didn’t believe the phenomenon was real. 
Of course when Richard Shaw and I documented the entire process of removing an implant in our Watchers series all of that changed. You can’t argue with what the footage shows. Clearly there was a metallic object in Patient #17 lower right leg. We removed it and tested it at SEAL lab. As with a lot of this research we funded it ourselves. Lot’s more testing needs to be done on these enigmatic objects. As of 2018 we still don’t have any idea of how they function inside the human body. We know that there seems to be an evolution of these devices as the one we removed was in “bills” leg for almost 40 years. We could cut it open with a razor knife. Fast forward to a few years ago when Roger removed an implant that could only be opened with a laser beam!
As you will see in this chapter, I believe these implants may be the proton-types of the Mark of the Beast. While this is conjecture on my part it is based on research. Someone has spent an extraordinary amount of resources on the implants. People are taken, implanted but why?
Whoever is doing this—and by now you must realize that I hold firmly to the interdimensional paradigm the habitation of The Fallen Ones—has an agenda and I think it’s a very dark one.  You will read about our discovery of an implant and it’s removal. However, I’ve added new material in the front of this chapter. I will present a series of emails from people who have been abducted and have implants. I will weigh in at the end of each testimony.
L. A. 

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  1. I have an implant! I want it out! Had it since i was a small child. I am now 59 yrs old. It was originally in my middle back but has moved to under my left arm. Once in a great while it will vibrate and tickle. Maybe once or 3x a year. Wat can i do?

  2. I have an implant! I want it out! Had it since i was a small child. I am now 59 yrs old. It was originally in my middle back but has moved to under my left arm. Once in a great while it will vibrate and tickle. Maybe once or 3x a year. Wat can i do?

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