911 – The Deep State…

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Commentary & Analysis 


L. A. Marzulli


I show this clip every year on the blog. It’s Building 7 coming down at free-fall speed. Buildings don’t collapse at free-fall speed and there are over 1500 architects and engineers who have stated so as well.
Something other than the official narrative happened on 911. With that in mind let’s examine some points.
JFK is gunned down in Dallas by a lone gunman. His brain goes missing after the autopsy which is conducted by a novice. Lot’s of witnesses who are in Dealey plaza wind up dead.
RFK is gunned down by a lone-gunman who till this day has no recollection of the shooting. Evidence that may have pointed to a second gunman is destroyed by the LAPD.
Martin Luther King is killed by a lone gunman.
The Branch Davidian compound fire that killed women and children in Waco Texas may have been caused by some incendiary device.
The Federal Building in OK city is blown apart by a fertilizer bomb. Steel columns are cut in half. The problem is a fertilizer bomb can blow out windows and kill people but can’t cut through steel.
The events of 911 create Homeland security, the TSA, and introduces the Patriot Act.
Who has the power to pull all of it off? Who has the ability to conceal evidence? Who has the ability to create a phony FISA warrant to spy on a presidential candidate? Who has the ability to cover up crimes? Who manages the agenda? Why would anyone attend a spirit cooking outing? Why is Huma Abedin always with Hillary. Why is Anthony Weiner in jail? Why has Obama surfaced now? Why is the left-wing media melting down? Why is there a Federal Reserve? Why is it that the only thing the Democrats offer us is higher taxes and abortion on demand?
Why did Eisenhower warn us of this when he left office?


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