Socialism? Seriously? Isn’t Imploding Venezueala ENOUGH?


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L. A. Marzulli

Not again. Please tell me this isn’t happening. Please tell me that we’ve learned our lessons about Socialism. It doesn’t’ work and never will. The countries of the world are strewn with the rotting vestiges of socialism.
All one need to do is look at what’s happening in Venezuela. The country is imploding. (I will be covering this soon with a PPS report.)
Our media is silent on what is happening there but my source tells me life has become unbearable. Why? One word will suffice. Socialism. Venezuela used to be prosperous and the people had a much better quality of life then they do now. All of the changed when the country adopted Socialism.
Unfortunately, Cortez like Bernie Sanders wants to drag our country into the financial abyss of socialism. The former Soviet Union collapsed under Communist/socialist ideology.
This clip says it all and it’s brilliant!
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  1. To add insult to injury.. immigrant girls are being trafficked.
    You won’t see it on the media.. but people are asking where are the girls among these children who are to be held? God help us.. this will bring judgment to the land..

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