Acceleration Radio! Chase Kloeztke!

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Chase Kloeztke will join me to discuss the similarities between the phenomena at Fatima and modern-day UFO encounters!
Second half: L. A. will delve into the newly discovered photographs taken in 1917 that clearly show a round object hovering directly over the apparition site!
Analysing the photos taken on 17 October 1917 in Fatima by Benoliel, the so-called miracle of the sun, I verified that in two of them tracks of smoke were visible and an object in the sky that, according to my knowledge of astrophysics and meteorology, could not be the sun. With many doubts about my discovery, I felt that the only way to check it would be to see the picture’s negative and confirm whether or not those objects and tracks of smoke were the same, or if they were merely extrinsic stains.     Jose Machado

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