Harbinger of Deception? Why What Happened 101 Years Ago Matters.

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Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Here’s an Email that came across my desk over the weekend. Here it is…
LA! I love all that you have done in research…. nephilim skulls, I’ve read all your books. The cosmic chess match changed my life. Politics prophecy and the supernatural was an awesome book. You had a major set back with the ferry phenomenon. I appreciate that you publicly denounced the fake fairy. I am right on board with you about the ufo disclosure and your theory of the fallen ones bringing in the golden age. I believe all of the fringe topics. I just fail to see and are completely uninterested in the Fatima project. I get that the fallen can deceive people with signs in the sky. I am not trying to be a negative Nancy when it comes to Fatima. I’m sure the people saw some weird stuff happening. What does Fatima and what happened 100 years ago have to do with today? Yes we are seeing interdenominational UFO deception. With all due respect can you clear this up for me. I love you LA don’t think of this as a bashing email.


What happened in Fatima 101 years ago has everything to do with what I call the coming great deception, but take note, the deception is already here!
Please take a look at this recent so-called sun miracle in the above video as it illustrates my point exactly. The people on the bus are embracing the “pulsing” sun. They are actually saying thank you. Why? Because they have been told by their leaders that what happened at Fatima 101 years ago this October was from God and that it was a miracle.
What if what happened on the moors of Fatima was, as I have come to call it, a harbinger of deception? People in the field reported seeing a dull silver disc but these testimonies, for the most part—along with the others we show in the film Fatima 2—have been ignored or perhaps deliberately covered up and obfuscated. So now we have an event—i.e. Fatima 101 years ago, which we show in our film—which had nothing to do with the sun leaving its place in the solar system and coming to earth.
Now fast-forward to the present day with the people on the bus. They have gulped down the Kool-Aid. They’ve heard about what happened in Fatima all of their lives and so now when it happens to them and they experience it, they embrace it. This is why the title rings so true to me: Miracle of the Sun or A Harbinger of Deception. No one on the bus is challenging what they are seeing. No one is rebuking first and asking questions later. No one is testing the spirits as we are admonished to do so.
Just because there is a pulsing sun doesn’t mean it is a sign from God as we are told that in the last days Satan will come with all signs and lying wonders. This is why the Fatima films are so relevant and timely. It’s happening NOW and people are being deceived. To sum it up this is why what happened in Fatima is SO relevant for today. Jesus warned us that deception would be paramount in the last days. Judge for yourself if we’re in that window of time…


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