The Public Evisceration of our President!

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Commentary and Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Last night on 60 minutes there was what I would call a hit-piece, a piece of propaganda posing as news, a salacious story coughed up by our media which has become nothing more than the 5th column of the Democratic party.
Stormy-the-porn-star was featured and went on to tell the American people all about our president’s alleged affair with her.
When Obummer was running for president a rumor began to circulate that he had sex with Larry Sinclair. The media went silent and Sinclair was basically written off as an unreliable witness because of his long rap sheet. However, the porn star is somehow trotted out as reliable. Double standard anyone?
The media tapped danced around Clinton’s rape allegations and basically ignored them.
The same media attacked Bill O’Reilly and essentially toppled one of the leading voices of conservative thought.
As with O’Reilly our president was not able to defend himself. In other words, all we heard was Stormy’s the Pornstars side of the story!
What a hit piece.
This is what our country has devolved too. It’s disgraceful.
Make no mistake about it. The left-wing media and the deep state are trying to take out President Trump anyway they can. Just remember this. We had 8 years of socialistic, liberal policies by Obummer and look where we are.
California has had had decades of liberal, democratic policies and it’s the worst state to live in, in our country.
I have to catch a plane from Dallas but there’s more coming with this…


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