Feedback From Our DNA Results!

Dear L.A!
What strikes me with your team’s project on DNA-studies from the elongated skulls is as follows:
– A well-defined hypothesis on the background of the project.
– A wide group of scientific disciplines is carefully put together. This is exponentially increasing the credibility of this project.
– The great number of samples of DNA and the use of 3 different, uncorrelated labs is impressive in terms of wanting to present true data.
– Impressive precautions to avoid sample contamination. And to have a forensic expert to supervise this is just making the lab/field work incredible trustworthy.
– A very, very healthy view on how to present Your data. Both positive, negative and invalid results are bravely presented.
Where You do not have a definitive answer You correctly say “we do not know yet. Further investigation is needed”. This honesty and truth-seeking attitude is just making the audience want to see more results. And fast!
As a scientist, I am familiar with looking for possible sources of error in a survey. Here L.A and his team has performed a very well planned, very well-organized work on DNA sampling of the elongated skulls. The broad spectrum of different experts is working together as an organized team. This project is a “textbook example” of how well-organized a scientific study really can be!
Hats off to L.A and his team!
Please let me know if I can be of further help.
Isaiah 26:3-4
Blessings Kristian Lovdal

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