One Liners…

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L. A. Marzulli

I could care less about a bunch of pampered actors who make their living pretending to be someone else and then give each other awards for it!
Thanks to decades of The Browns as Governor, California is now dead last, out of all 50 states, as a desired place to live.
The civil-war is Syria rages on as the do-nothing, failed policies of Obama’s leading from behind continues and the body count rises.
Alex Jones is about to censored by GOOGLE and YOUTUBE, who are the real fascists and are against free speech.
The Deep State continues to attack Trump dismantling his cabinet one member at a time.
In what is par-for-the-course, new evidence in the Seth Rich “murder” case is being ignored by our media.
The Drug-lords are stockpiling guns on our southern border, so let’s make sure we allow the Left to get our guns so we’ll be defenseless.
Elton John’s hissy fit is just one reason why he should consider retiring.
Kings go to war in the spring, so with that in mind will we see the Middle East erupt in war?
Because of the rise of demon-possessed people The Vatican has an exorcist shortage!
Do you want Socialism, then move to Venezuela which is in total melt-down.
The US embassy in Israel will be moved to Jerusalem soon, will this ignite another intifada?


L. A. Interviews Rick Woodward about the differences between the Paracas elongated skulls and a normal human skull. Are we looking at a sub-species? Are these the remnants of the Anakim, the Long Necks that inhabited the Promised land?

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